Fighting with complexes

Anyone who ceases on the path of self-improvement and self-development knows that in addition to any weaknesses he has certain complexes that hinder not only to work on themselves, but also to enjoy life. There is a great variety of different systems. This can include not only the appearance, but also some specific situations. And yet, for all its diversity, methods of dealing with the complexes are very similar. If you are interested in subject – you can check out our alternative to chatroulette.

Find sources

Before you begin to deal with the problem, you need to find the source; as a rule, the majority of systems - from childhood. You may often become the object of comparison with the neighbor kid who was more diligent or talented. In addition, in most families, education is based on negation: do not touch, do not run, do not play, you cannot. Of course, as adults, you would not attach any importance to most situations occurs. However, in the childhood psyche is very vulnerable and sensitive, the most insignificant act or word spoken by chance, are able to leave a deep imprint on the world view and outlook.

Be honest

First we need to recognize the existence of the complexes. Tell yourself clearly and that you have some kind of problem. Do not run from the complexes or suppress them, all this will only worsen. Honestly admit to their imperfections and begin to work on yourself. If you are constantly looking for an excuse, referring to genetics or general predisposition, then you will live quite comfortably, and, consequently, to take nothing. If you are still clearly see the whole picture of what is happening and want to put an end once and for all the complexes, then you're already halfway to a positive result, because if there is a strong desire, then everything else will follow.

Methods of dealing with complexes

  1. Face-to-face. In order to win, you must fight. Begin to act directly. If you are shy about his body, feel free to go to the beach, if you are afraid to speak in front of an audience - start doing it all the time. The more you excite your complex, the less noticeable it will be not only for you but also for all the others. No matter what is your complex in appearance or in behavior, if you start to use this method, you will soon gain confidence not only in your own eyes but in the eyes of everyone around you.
  2. Humor is a panacea for all diseases. An even more effective way of dealing with the complex is the laughter. You should be able to laugh at themselves, over their complexes. For maximum effect, it is best to do it in the companies. Ridiculing their own shortcomings, you give people understand that to make fun of you is irrelevant, because you yourself perfectly cope with this work. When you laugh at yourself a surrounding realize that you absolutely do not care about your shortcomings. About such people begin to say with pride: "Yes, it is without any complexes." Such people always deserve only respect.

If you decide to deal with the complexes, most importantly, do not stop; bring everything to its logical conclusion. Remember that no one sits at night, thinking about your shortcomings, no one disputes you all day. And it's all because most are busy with their own problems, and to think more about your and no one is simply not enough neither the desire nor the strength.